We Buy Properties In Any Condition. What Qualifies Your San Antonio Property For Our All Cash Offer?

The following would serve as your guide to better understand the main causes for a fast sale transaction. If any of these situations hit close to home, you’ve sought the right people for you!

Here are ten (10) most common reasons why sellers choose to work with us.

  • Judicial Foreclosure. Before a mortgage company can claim ownership of one’s property, homeowners take the best route by selling it and stopping foreclosure on their home.
  • Unwanted Rental Estate. Do you find that there is more maintenance and repair work to be accomplished by keeping a rental property? Say no more! We are willing home buyers.
  • Frustrating Tenants. As a landlord, there is no need to ask tenants to evacuate your rental property if you simply wish to be rid of it. Transferring a certificate of title should be underway by the time a 2-week closing is completed.
  • A Spare Property. Are you looking to get some financial gain with a property that has been on standby for years? Perhaps it’s a fix-upper with low success rate in being purchased? No matter how rundown or difficult the location may be, we’re ready to make an offer ASAP.
  • A Burdensome Inheritance. Rather than physically dividing among your siblings segments of your unwanted inheritance, why not liquidate the proceeds of the sale and divide that amount among yourselves?
  • Relocation Scheme. There could be a thousand of reasons why you and your family need to move out and into a new city. If you need an assurance that your property would be sold fast, try selling it to us for cash.
  • Impractical Realtor Charges. Other than the usual issues ingrained in a sale, there are homeowners whose perspective about paying real estate agents the commissions to be exorbitant and sometimes unreasonable. To steer clear of that, they would much prefer direct home buyers like us.
  • Divorce. Settling a divorce can be strenuous especially when thinking about legally unbinding and distributing real estate properties. One way to ease up the tension is going for our fast transaction.
  • Not Enough Equity. Homeowners whose property ownership is up in the air due to having little to no equity normally come to us for help.
  • A Pressing Financial Problem. We’ve all been there! There is no shame in selling a home you’ve had for years for fast cash. If it means saving you some trouble on bills and other financial obligations mounting, so why not?

If your situations fits in in one of the descriptions above, don’t panic! Our team is ready to help! We are experts in solving real estate issues that demand our urgent attention. While not all cases may be covered in our list above, any type of circumstance that requires money in hand immediately may potentially be qualified for our Cash Offer Program. To ascertain this, call us today and we’ll get to business straight away!

In the end, we would like to see your rise above your situation. Hence, we offer real estate solutions that do not require jumping through a lot of hoops which is typical in listing your homes under the care of real estate firm. As direct cash home buyers, we will be with you from start to finish that take only about two to three weeks to complete or finish! Not only that, we understand the weight of many a financial burden. The least we can do is to be transparent in all the money transactions involved in our procedure. You can ask, we can stipulate in our contract, add that up on our terms and agreement in order to build the trust necessary in our processing.

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